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We know that there are a lot of things to consider, such as sizing, style, quality of canvas and specific features. We often get calls from customers asking about the various styles of bell tents and what differs us from the rest. We understand that there are a lot of canvas bell tents on the market these days. Although a lot of them do look similar – if you look closely enough, there are major differences between the quality of the tent and the various features and materials used. We highly recommend doing your research! Some of the tents that are being sold by larger corporate camping stores are using lower quality canvas, zips, ropes, pegs and stitching. It’s good to not only compare pricing, but also to compare the strength of the canvas, the thickness of the floor, as well as the quality of the stitching and zips.

Were proud to say that Psyclone Tents were the first bell tent provider in Australia. Over the past decade of selling bell tents in Australia, we have tried and tested various bell tent features to ensure that our tents meet the standard of Australian conditions.

We have listened to feedback from our customers to ensure that we are providing a quality product. Every time we order tents from our manufacturer, we make sure to increase the strength and durability and to add additional features such as extra vents and pockets – and to make sure the carry bag is easy to pack. Just little add-ons that we know will make your tent last a lifetime.

So to help while comparing various bell tents. We thought we’d highlight some of the things to consider.

Below is a handy top 10 checklist of things to think about and to ask your supplier when purchasing your new bell tent.

1) Make sure the quality and canvas thickness is high – preferably above 300 GSM

Psyclone bell tent canvas thickness

2) Make sure the floor is PVC and thickness is above 350 GSM

3) Check the quality of the zips – don’t settle for anything that does not have YKK industry standard zips

4) Make sure the pegs are proper steel and not too short – good pegs should never snap

5) Steel rope tensioners – not plastic. Steel rope tensioners will not break and last forever

6) Make sure the supplier is aware of the tension points on the tent and has reinforced these areas

7) Good quality reflective guy ropes. There’s nothing worse then your guy ropes fraying out and not holding a knot!

8) Make sure you purchase from a reputable company who honours their warranty

Psyclone Tents bell tents

9) Make sure you get the size which suits your needs

10) Remember: cotton’s most prominent environmental impacts result from the consumption of water, and the conversion of habitat to agricultural use. If possible buy from a company who gives back to the environment